Each one of us gives his own meaning to art.

Each of my works is a journey and does not need a description: everyone observes, reflects, and imagines differently and I want you all to live within what you are looking at.

About me

Daniele Cesetti

Each one of us gives a meaning to art… who more or less tries to make it real, there are those who do it for money, fame or just to express a thought. I’m Daniele Cesetti, aka MANA.

I’ve been drawing since I was a child, without technique, without certificates and without a special education. I paint as a personal mission, it relieves stress and allows me to throw on canvas the emotions I have inside. Being an artist is a state of mind, something you have inside: it’s putting that hint of yourself in whatever we do, like music, drawings, architecture…

For me art is the expression about me and of what I feel…

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63836 Monte Vidon Corrado, FM


Phone : +39 335 689 4833
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