Wonderful opportunity given to me by Galeria Azur in Berlin.From August 27 to September 24, 2022, I was able to exhibit two of my works in the hub of modern art.I also had the opportunity to be in the most important online showcases of the moment…. Artsper Artsy MANA Cesetti Daniele

Old Holland

Colour is the heart of my painting.I started with Old Holland and haven’t stopped using it since.Sometimes I also try other brands for different colours or special pastes, but for my oil painting Old Holland is a must.They are perfect colours, incredible tones, impressive lightness, what more could I want? MANA Cesetti Daniele


How can I make my Functional ART works unique? Each work has its own name and thanks to my cousins, I decided to make a brass plate with the title and other information written on it. They were also customised in colour. Here are some photos MANA Cesetti Daniele


One day I took the Seletti Trash chic garbage disposal I had bought for my living room and painted it. I am very happy that I gave a different look to this beautiful design piece, taking inspiration from the great W.Kandinsky. The beauty of having a trash can that doesn’t look like a trash can […]


Let’s talk a little bit about how to make a painting…. We need in the beginning inspiration but also good brushes to bring the color to the canvas. I use “Da Vinci”, a very good company that offers an excellent product and a wide selection… It doesn’t take a big brush, but a great brush! […]


I am happy to announce my collaboration and presence in the book RIZOMA. Gemme di Borgo is an immersive project of words and kaleidoscopic images that proposes travellers to abandon themselves to the suggestions and be accompanied in the discovery of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy…. MANA Cesetti Daniele

Oltre il Crimine

Beautiful event staged in the charming location of Villa Funari in Servigliano, four evenings dedicated to the criminological approach related to social reality. Thanks to the pro loco I was able to participate by exhibiting works related to the topics discussed, in addition I made a live work, taking inspiration from the words of Luca […]


In addition to the great effort I put into painting, in order to make my works unique, maintain their value over time and give the buyer greater security, I decided to trust Tagsmart. They provide Independent Certification Solutions and DNA Tagging for artworks. Their certificates create a digital and physical document of provenance for my […]


In Servigliano, history and 90s music come together in an exhibition dedicated to 883, on the occasion of two concerts featuring Max Pezzali on 6 and 7 August 2021.Thanks to the local authorities, we have enriched the show with a number of works, thus also creating a connection with local artists. I tried to bring […]


Impressive exhibition at Spazio Arte Tolomeo.The exhibition ‘Future’ was held from 10 to 24 June 2021 and I exhibited Socer and Don Felice.It was a special event, where painting together with music and various performances also collaborated with the aim of helping the multimedical oncology association with fundraising. MANA Cesetti Daniele